Nearly a Year After Kentucky Legislature’s OK, Cannabidiol is Still Unavailable

For WFPL News Published: January 11, 2015 By RAE HODGE FRANKFORT — When the Kentucky legislature unanimously passed a law last spring decriminalizing the anti-seizure medication cannabidiol oil, a handful of legislators had tears rolling down their cheeks. In a moment of peak bi-partisanship, senators joined representatives in their chamber—already filled… Continue reading

Kentucky Senate OKs Bill Requiring In-Person Visit With Medical Professional Before Abortion

For WFPL News Published: January 9, 2015 By RAE HODGE FRANKFORT — A bill that would delay women’s access to abortions passed through the Kentucky Senate without any delay at all. In less than 24 hours, Senate Bill 4 cleared a committee composed of 14 men and no women, then passed a… Continue reading

The First Week of the Kentucky General Assembly’s 2015 Session, in Review

For WFPL News Published: January 10, 2015 By RAE HODGE FRANKFORT —In the first week of the Kentucky General Assembly’s 2015 legislative session, lawmakers elected leadership, assigned committees and begun moving legislation through the Capitol at a fast pace. The Republican-controlled Senate was especially active. Here are the four bills that… Continue reading

Kentucky State Senate Gives Speedy OK to Anti-Heroin Legislation

For WFPL News Published: January 8, 2015 By RAE HODGE   FRANKFORT —Legislation addressing Kentucky’s heroin epidemic progressed with extraordinary speed Thursday in the Senate, and is now on its way to the House. The legislation was approved without opposition. The bill stiffens penalties against traffickers and seeks to treat addicts while they… Continue reading

Right to Work Bill Passes Kentucky Senate After Fierce Debate

For WFPL News Published: January 8, 2015 By RAE HODGE FRANKFORT — Moments after Senate Republicans and Democrats finished congratulating each other Thursday on their bi-partisanship on anti-heroin legislation, a fierce debate erupted along party lines over the contentious legislation known as Right To Work. The high-priority piece of legislation for… Continue reading