Most local newspapers and small news websites in Kentucky can’t afford to keep their own capital bureau anymore. That’s why they call me, Rae Hodge.

I’m a freelance public affairs reporter and member of the Kentucky statehouse press corps stationed in our Capitol building in Frankfort. I’ve been covering political action in the legislature and across the Commonwealth for five years now. I write, shoot photos, produce radio, and broadcast video. On this site you can find my work for a variety of outlets.

My award-winning writing on the Kentucky General Assembly has appeared in The Louisville Cardinal, Insider Louisville, LEO Weekly, The Kentucky Gazette, The Daily Mail, on WFPL and Kentucky Public Radio, and with the Associated Press.

When I’m not reporting, I mentor student journalists on legal research, legislative process, and public affairs reporting in the state Capitol building and in Louisville.

I rose to the rank of Honorary Kentucky Colonel in 2012, the same year I received commendations by the state Senate and House of Representatives for my non-partisan work in the service of the General Assembly.

If you’re an editor in a pinch and you can’t afford to send a reporter to the Capitol, send me an email and tell me what I can do for you. I work on a sliding scale and give priority rates to small-circulation papers.

Inquiries, project requests, and news tips: rae@ky120.org


UPDATED: 8 October 2016

KY120’s freelance capitol bureau is currently non-operational. At this time, no date has been scheduled by which business may be expected to resume. Plans are underway, however, for a restructuring of this website and its content. All content will continue to remain available for public view, and updates will provided as plans proceed. Naturally, I remain at the convenience of any reader who may have inquiries, comments, or tips.

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