Late Capitolism: Closed Records Bill, Goforth goes off, New AG contender

Updated: Major effort to restrict access to Kentucky open records proposed – Kentucky Press Association attorney Jon Fleischaker: “This is an effort to destroy the open records law… It is a disaster for the public. It is a disaster for the citizens of Kentucky.” Yetter’s got the run-down on Sen. Danny Carroll’s (R-Paducah) Closed Records Bill. [C-J]

Bevin limits public’s ability to roam freely in Kentucky Capitol complex – Following up on his Jan. 4 statement, Bevin’s cracking down: no using the tunnel without a badge, can’t stand there, can’t sit here, more police, no recording from the House gallery, and so forth. Have a look at these pictures of Capitol police blocking entry to the House stairwell: [H-L]

In what must surely be totally unrelated news – The Poor People’s Campaign came back to the Capitol today for a silent march. [WEKU]

Longmeyer impact plays out in Senate with exec ethics bill – Stivers: “The requirements for reporting your fees as you lobby the executive branch are virtually non-existent and nowhere as stringent as that which we require for lobbying us… By having total transparency on the process that is called requests for proposals, placement, contracts, and bids. To know who those individuals are that are lobbying, what their fees are, and that there should never, ever be a contingency fee on getting a contract.” Stu’s got the audio: [WEKU]

Ongoing Glenn/Johnson dispute in the House resulted in a panel of House members’ names getting stuffed into film canisters and drawn from a bucket. Panel elected Elkton GOP Rep. Jason Petrie for its chair (who, as Barton notes, is also the new Judiciary Committee chair). Panel to meet again today following House adjournment. [Pure Politics]

Screenshot: WHAS11 gets up close and personal as House members’ names are drawn from a bucket to populate the Glenn/Johnson panel

Can we get a bipartisan women’s caucus? – “In the House there are now 27 women serving, 18 of those are Democrats and nine are Republican. The Senate has four women, two Democrats and two Republicans.” [WHAS11]

OK then can we at least keep our teeth? – Kentucky lawmakers want to end mandatory fluoride in tap water. Dentists disagree. Cheves has the write-up on how Sen. Steve West and state Rep. Mark Hart, both Republican, are concerned fluoride consumption leads to health problems. Money quote from Hart: “We both campaigned on less government and stuff, and this goes along with that… I see this as an unfunded mandate for local governments. Let the people drinking the water decide what goes into their water.” [H-L]

Beshear reporting $1.16 million – Beshear the Younger says he’s got $850,000 on hand, self-funding $20,000, plus $24,000 in-kind.  [AP]

But Adkins reports $621,567 in under two months – Lindstrom got the second quarter reports, which show Beshear stacked up just $470,828 for the quarter compared to House Minority Floor Leader Rocky Adkins. [Pure Politics]

New AG contender in the ring – Daniel Jay Cameron–former lawyer for U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and current Frost Brown Toddy–filed with KREF to run for Kentucky attorney general. [AP]

“I’m not a New England transplant using the people of Kentucky to feed my ego” – Goforth comes out swinging against Bevin. Another zinger: “Our people are tired of being talked down to and maligned by someone who thinks he is better than us.” Barton’s got the audio: [KPR]

We need a governor who leads more than he lambastes. Our Commonwealth needs a Chief Executive who is not molded not by New England and Wall Street.” More Goforth burns captured by Lindstrom. Video: [Pure Politics]

Government Contract Review clears Reach Louisville for $500K – Student suicide/opioid prevention group gets the green light for a federal block grant. I caught a few details at the committee for you: [KY120]
Kentucky teachers fare better under current pension plan than proposed 401(k) hybrid, according to: [National Institute on Retirement Security]

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