Late Capitolism: Open records at risk, Edelen in the ring

KyCIR isn’t letting this one slide, nor should they – “State Sen. Danny Carroll, R-Paducah, said in an interview with the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting on Monday evening that he’s listening to criticism about his proposed legislation. As written, it would exempt several state agencies and local officials from having to release personnel records, disciplinary records, financial information and other information to the public.” [KyCIR]

Public Service Commission doesn’t think poor people have anything worthwhile to add  – “the commission said it denied groups a chance to intervene in the case for two reasons: 1. The intervention of low-income advocacy groups was not likely to present facts that help the commission make a decision on the rate case. 2. The interests of low-income advocates were already represented by the Attorney General.” [WFPL]

Julian Carroll to carry a sports betting bill – Governor would appoint members to the proposed Kentucky Gaming Commission, Senate consent required. Carroll: “Sports betting is legal in Kentucky now. The only thing is it’s unregulated…The state is not going to make a lot of money out of it. But, the more important thing is it would be regulated. But, we could make up to $50 million a year out of it.”  [WKMS]

Edelen Launches Bid For Ky. Governor – Decent swipe at Beshear the Younger: “The only alternative to the current dysfunction and division in Kentucky is dynasty.” Hmmm. Where have I heard that before? [KPR]

Goforth’s in, beats Bevin to first bid – “The first Republican to make his candidacy for governor of Kentucky official will not be Gov. Matt Bevin but state Rep. Robert Goforth of East Bernstadt.” Announcement: Tuesday in London. Running mate: 2015 attorney general candidate and Lawrence County lawyer Michael Hogan. Note: Goforth’s been in the House less than a year. [IL]

Goforth’s filing another RTL anti-abortion bill, pining for its day in the courts – “The proposal would make it a felony for doctors to perform an abortion if there’s a fetal heartbeat (usually around 6 weeks) unless the woman has a medical emergency that would otherwise lead to death.” [WEKU]

GOP won’t tell Glenn if they’ll allow him to take his seat – “Jim Glenn said he plans to show up for work Tuesday when the Kentucky House of Representatives gavels in” [AP]

We’re out of space, and out of time – Stu says criminal justice reform’s “highly likely to be a topic during the upcoming general assembly session.” Audio under the cut: [KPR]

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