Late Capitolism: Thayer and Bevin tit-for-tat, Scott out of 2019 race

Scott declines gubernatorial bid – “In a Facebook message Saturday, Rep. Attica Scott mentioned financial obstacles and her desire to spend time with her daughter, who soon will be headed to college. Scott says there are still “many barriers for working class folks and single moms” to run for higher office.” The Louisville Democrat says she’ll withhold an endorsement “until a gubernatorial candidate steps forward with a ‘clear agenda’ to eliminate poverty and promote racial justice.” [AP]

‘I once got a call from my own phone number’ – Brammer writes: “Rep. Kevin Bratcher, R-Louisville, has pre-filed a bill for the 2019 legislative session, which begins Tuesday, that would require anyone who makes a phone call seeking a solicitation or contribution to list his or her true caller identification number or leave it as unknown.” Interesting Bratcher quote here: “I’ve gotten a call from the Speaker of the House in North Carolina, who wants it. The Indiana attorney general is interested in it. I don’t think any other state has this.” [H-L]

Bevin and Thayer’s tense tit-for-tat – Senate Majority Leader Damon Thayer in an AP story: “I agree with Gov. Bevin on the severity of the pension crisis, and I appreciate his sense of urgency in trying to solve it. But I think it’s important to set the record straight that legislative leaders tried very hard to convince him not to call that special session.” Bevin’s response: Thayer’s “a friend and passionate legislator,” but “his statement simply is not true… personal opinions and inaccurate comments will do nothing to fix the pension crisis.” [AP]

Crop reports cancelled, Ky USDA Offices hit by fed shutdown – Good luck on those commodities markets. USDA National Agriculture Statistics Service in Kentucky is closed. So is the USDA Rural Development Kentucky Office. Their recorded message: “We are on furlough due to the lapse in federal government funding. Please leave a voicemail or email. Please note that we do not have access to email or voicemail due to the current lapse in funding. We look forward to returning your message once funding has been restored.” Mammoth Cave National Park (and the Green River Ferry) is also down. [KPR]

West Ky. counties’ income droppedThe Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates 2017 report’s out. “Fulton, Ballard, Graves, Marshall, Livingston, Lyon and Crittenden counties all saw a household income drops anywhere from 2-7%. Carlisle County saw the greatest decrease between nearly 8-26%. But, McCracken, Trigg and Calloway counties saw an increase in median household income.” We’d probably know more but, as Inman points out, “specific data is currently unavailable due to the partial government shutdown.” That includes the U.S. Census Bureau. [WKMS]


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