Late Capitolism: EPA regional head resigns, Beshear sues 9th opioid manu

KYGA19 prefiles roll in – Restoring voting rights to felons, repealing parts of workers’ comp law, and a bill allowing discrimination to smokers are all among new bills to be prefiled. [Pure Politics]

WKU enrollment still dropping – Reported a four percent decrease in total enrollment, according to the Fall 2018 Enrollment Report provided by the Office of Institutional Research. Even international student enrollment is down. [WKU Herald]

Ed Weeks take on Wayne Lewis – The Kentucky education chief has appealed to teachers across the state to stop sending him “incredibly nasty and disrespectful messages” over his proposal on charter schools. ICYMI: One email, obtained by the Louisville Courier-Journal, included a homophobic comment and said Lewis would “answer to the Lord one day and you know what’s going to happen if you don’t change your ways.” [Ed Week]

Beshear sues Insys – Maybe aggressively marketing a fentanyl-based, cancer-treatment mouth spray as a general painkiller isn’t a great idea to begin with, but it’s especially stupid when you push the product hard enough to prompt a U.S. Senate investigation and a federal $150 million settlement. So it shouldn’t be a surprise when Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear drags you into court, saying your company fueled the state’s drug epidemic (least-ways not when he’s already done the same thing to eight other opioid manufacturers). Barton’s got audio of the Beshear presser here: [WKMS]

Yarmuth pledges early allegiance – Maybe he’s angling for a chairmanship, maybe it’s Maybelline. Either way, U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth says Nancy Pelosi is the only Democrat able to “hit the ground running” in leading the new Democratic-run House during a time when Democrats have a chance to show the country they can govern effectively. [AP]

Farm revenue could take a hit – Kentucky soybean farmers are expected to harvest a slightly larger yield than last year, but less than initially predicted. Excessive rain to make a dent in the returns on 2 million acres. [KPR]

EPA regional head resigns – The Environmental Protection Agency’s top regional official for the Southeast has resigned after a grand jury indicted him on ethics violations last week. Southeast Regional Administrator Onis “Trey” Glenn, who oversaw EPA enforcement for eight states including Kentucky, was indicted for multiple violations of Alabama’s Ethics Act, according to Acting Administrator is now Andrew Wheeler. Free advice: Maybe don’t work with a coal company to stall the cleanup of a neighborhood where cancer-causing levels of arsenic were found.  [WFPL]

Trial arguments conclude for Kentucky’s controversial abortion law – A decision is still months away, but lawyers for Kentucky and EMW Surgical Center have finished their arguments for the trial of the new abortion law. [Pure Politics]

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