Medical Marijuana Supporters to Rally Wednesday in Frankfort

For WFPL Public Radio
Published: WED FEBRUARY 6, 2013


Credit Rae Hodge/Kentucky Public Radio. Perry Clark

Credit Rae Hodge/Kentucky Public Radio.
Perry Clark

FRANKFORT — Advocates of legalizing marijuana for medical uses in Kentucky are rallying Wednesday afternoon  in the Capitol Annex.

Sen. Perry Clark, a Democrat of Louisville, has introduced Senate Bill 11 into the state Senate. If passed the bill, known as the Gatewood Galbraith Medical Marijuana Memorial Act  would “establish a comprehensive system for medical marijuana in Kentucky.”

Clark said he expects that, in a conservative estimate, several hundred people could participate in the 1 p.m. rally.

“We’re looking forward to a good turnout,” Clark said. “As we know, the activists are quite agitated. I believe we’re at a serious tipping point and that the people are ahead of the politicians on that.”

Clark added, “I hope that what we have is a rally that’s large enough to make politicians sit up and take notice.”

Ron Moore, who heads up Kentucky Veterans for Medical Marijuana, said that the bill’s chances of passing the Senate Judiciary Committee may be slim.

“I’ve spoken with Perry many times about our chances with this bill and we all have to stand back and realize this is a short session and this bill may not get to the floor of the Senate this time but we are advancing the debate,” Moore said.

Since being filed, Senate Bill 11 has gained co-sponsors Sen. Denise Harper-Angel, D-Louisville, and Sen. Kathy Stein, D-Fayette.

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