Medical Marijuana Supporters Rally in Frankfort

For WFPL Public Radio
Published: WED FEBRUARY 6, 2013


Credit Rae Hodge/Kentucky Public Radio. Perry Clark

Credit Rae Hodge/Kentucky Public Radio. Perry Clark

FRANKFORT — Saying the push for industrial help may help their  cause in the future, supporters of a bill establishing a comprehensive system for medical marijuana in Kentucky rallied Wednesday in the Capitol Annex.

Senate Bill 11, known as the Gatewood Galbraith Medical Marijuana Memorial Act, is sponsored by Sen. Perry Clark, D-Louisville. Clark acknowledged the struggles the bill might face in the Senate Judiciary Committee, but he saidindustrial hemp’s momentum may help the medical marijuana cause in future legislative sessions.

Clark says that he and Sen. Whitney Westerfield, chair of the senate judiciary committee, have talked. But Clark said they need to talk more on the issue.

“I think what will have to happen between now and then will be lots of education that has to occur with the other senators and representatives. And just like our new chairman of the judiciary. You know, he seems to be a fine fellow and everything but he’s really—I’m not meaning slow or anything—ignorant of the facts concerning this subject,” Clark said.

Clark also says that the bill is gathering police support.

“We had a discussion with Lexington and Louisville police officers today and they think the bills working out very good,” he said. “They like the fact they’re not throwing everybody in jail for possession of a little bit of weed.”

SB 11 has not been assigned to committee.

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