Journalism Resource: Cartoon College for Free

John Kricfalusi (better known as John K), the wildly talented Canadian cartoonist and creator of Ren & Stimpy, has been flying under the radar and offering free courses in cartooning on his personal blog.

Since August 2009, John K has been posting lessons on structure, storyboarding, action animation, and comedic workshopping. His posts have grown longer, more illustrated, and more instructional over time. For anyone new to cartoons, or interested in being able to illustrate for newspapers and magazines– his lessons are a goldmine.

Here’s what he had to say about it over at his blog:

Part of my reason for giving away free training is selfish. The kind of cartoons I make require these skills, and I can’t afford to teach them during a production. Cartoon budgets go down every year and so I need people who already understand what I’m looking for and are functional…

Newspapers couldn’t be newspapers without artwork. The evidence of our country’s affair with newspaper art shows up in political cartoons, blockprints, and hand-drawn battle scenes.

Even the staunchest and most stiff-lipped newspaper hounds have to admit: sometimes, even when the news is terrible (or terribly written), there are still the illustrations to look forward to.

Kricfalusi at the Castro Theatre in July 2006

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